Spearfishing Experience Day



For those who wish to have a go at spearfishing without booking onto a course, this taster day session will teach you how to handle a speargun safely and the basics of spearfishing in a condensed 3 hour session.

The experience days run for 3 hours and two sessions per day 9:00am and 1:30


This is an experience day for those who have never spearfished before.

Spearfishing is the truest form of sustainable fishing available to us. There is no by catch, no discarded plastic and waste. You select the fish you want to eat.

We will provide all the kit needed to get you in the water for your first ever day spearfishing – all you’ll need to bring is a towel, food and plenty of water.

When you join us, we’ll go through a quick safety briefing and group you into pairs for safety then we’ll jump in and do some target practice, then head off and look for some food.

The experience days consist of two 3-hour sessions to chose from, AM or PM (9:00-12:00/1:30-16:30)

There are 4 students per session.

We would much prefer you take home what you shoot/catch for you to understand the full nature of what we do. We understand though that sometimes, you may not have the ability to take it home that day, depending on accommodation etc., so please liaise with your instructor. They may not want to take home fish, especially less desirable species such as wrasse.

What will be covered:

  • Fish Identification
  • Equipment introduction/familiarization
  • Basic Freediving technique
  • Equalization
  • Weighting/Buoyancy
  • Speargun handling and target practice
  • Shallow hunting

Once the introduction and safety is done we will get into the water and do some target practice. Once the instructor is happy, you will go off in your pairs and try and catch some fish.


If there are less than 3 people booked for the session we may cancel the session or rearrange to another day.

You will need to sign a health declaration form and safety waiver which we will send out before the course in case there are any medical issues that require a doctor’s sign off before the course.

Catching fish on the day is not guaranteed so please do not turn up expecting to come away with fish or crustaceans.