Rob Allen Tuna 70 (TUN70#001)

Includes a “Fixed Based Fee” which is your deposit, which will be refunded depending on condition of item. Please check our terms and conditions for more info. T&C’s Found here


Includes a “Fixed Based Fee” which is your deposit, which will be refunded depending on condition of item. Please check our terms and conditions for more info.
T&C’s Found here

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The configuration:

  • Double 16mm bands – Max firepower & range edition
  • Integrated rail for deadly accuracy
  • 7.5mm tri-cut stainless steel spear
  • Aviation grade aluminium barrel 1.45mm thick
  • Stainless steel trigger mechanism housed inside glass reinforced nylon cassette
  • Single wrapped heavy-duty shooting mono – 2mm thick with 400lb breaking strain
  • Muzzle bungee with a quick release clip
  • Low profile muzzle
  • Factory fitted with a Closed muzzle

Rob Allen Aluminium Tuna Speargun

The durability:

These single and double-banded aluminium spearguns are by far our most popular models. If power, accuracy and durability are as important to you as they are to us, then here is your gun. Durability wise we have a customer who is still shooting one of these that he bought all the way back in 1998! Tread on them, fall on them, sling them in your boot after a hard day diving and they just keep on performing season after season.

What makes this gun so popular however is not the battle tank-like ruggedness, but the pinpoint accuracy of the integrated rail that guides the spear when shot. Perfectly in line with the firing mechanism and the low profile muzzle, this railgun delivers one of the smoothest shooting systems the industry has seen. No other gun manufacturer comes close to the number of world records these guns currently hold. Don’t believe us? Check out the IUSA and see for yourself 🙂

The Power:

Combine this with double 16mm bands and you have an absolute powerhouse of a gun which is deadly accurate.

With the maximised power comes far increased range. To ensure you can capitalise on this we always double wrap our twin band guns. The heavy duty shooting mono is 2mm thick, has a breaking strain of 400lbs, secured with stainless seal crimps and connect via muzzle bungee.

This insanely powerful gun with the added range has become incredibly popular over the past couple of years. It seems to be the number one choice for people not wanting to leave anything to chance. It also has the added bonus of being equally at home abroad targeting bigger game as it is in the UK targeting bass.

The legendary power of this speargun comes from one thing, the type of band rubber used – and here’s the science behind it. So there are 2 types of rubber found on spearguns today, manufactured by the process of extrusion or dipped.

Extrusion rubber is made by mixing large batches of rubber mixed with fast curing agents and is squeezed out of the machines like toothpaste to the desired thickness. This is the cheapest form of speargun and the quality varies drastically. It loses its elasticity (power) quicker than its ‘dipped’ counterpart, is generally significantly less elastic and more prone to splitting from nicks in its side. You can identify this rubber by its block colour throughout the centre of the band ie it may be pure black to the core.

Dipped rubber is an expensive manufacturing process which is why its avoided by most brands. The bands are created in a similar way to how candles are created, they repeated dipped and dried until the desired thickness is achieved. Latex is the most elastic substance on earth, the purer the latex the more elastic the end result. Only pure latex is used in RA rubber and next to no curing agents are added. This is the exact reason why RA guns are so powerful, and stay powerful over time. You can tell bands made by this dipping process because they will have a natural gum rubber coloured core with faint rings, as you’d see on a tree stump. The outer colour is a UV protector.

The accuracy:

Most spears can’t handle the power of RA’s dipped rubber power bands, so they need something special and now the RA spears are famous in their own right.

These spears are made from springer steel which gives them a much higher ‘tensile’ strength over the common stainless steel spears. The higher the tensile strength of a spear, the faster it can be fired before it becomes inaccurate. The thicker the spear, the higher its tensile strength, the faster it can be fired. There is a reason everything is the way it is on RA guns and the science behind them is easily explained, unlike many marketing fads which are designed to catch spearo’s over fish!

The Sparid 80cm and the Tuna 90cm our best sellers for a reason, they blow most competitors out of the water – it’s not even a fair contest.

*This version doesn’t include the loading butt*

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